Capture To Conquer

Game status

Game created 2007
Game last touched 2007
Status Stalled, working


This game was originally thought up and implemented by Peter Moor. It is a simple logical "board" game of battling armies. I got very hooked up by the easy rules and yet gameplay being so addictive. Soon I began to question whether I could make a better AI opponent. To settle this mental dispute, I created this simple project. It mimics the original game, though with much lower-end GUI (intended for hidden work-hours playing ;) The AI got so smart that it is almost impossible to beat, usually the game stalls in a stalemate. Still I give it here for download, if you want to give it a try.

From a programmers' point of view there are some noteworthy techniques used. Class hierarchy used for players (AI, Human, Network) is probably a standard way. But for a GUI? Imagine that - you could change the GUI just by implementing a new class. Theoretically it is an interesting point, pratcically though, there is just one GUI actually implemented ;)


Capture To Conquer compiled application (EXE) 64 KiB
CtC sources (RARred CPP) 15 KiB

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