Program status

Program created 2006
Program last touched 2006
Status Stalled, working


This is a MIDI software synthesizer. I was just wondering why the Microsoft's synth has such a long lag - about a second, which is practically useless for online playing. Since my purchase of a MIDI keyboard i've tried several hacks to improve this, but to no avail. There simply is nothing to be done about the lag. So I decided to write my own synth from scratch, incorporating several techniques I know from module tracking, such as multiple samples per instrument, possibly with some cool effects and most importantly an almost-zero lag.

Currently the synth is working well, with no audible lag. Multiple samples per instrument are supported, based on the note's pitch. Also the MIDI information is saved to a simple XSD "log" file which can be converted to a MID file.

Future plans include multiple samples based on velocity, velocity curves, recursive instrument definitions, MIDI echo, MID file saving instead of current XSD, GUI instrument editor, MP3 sample support and many others. However, interest in this program has much faded, so don't get high expectations.


XoftSynth application 56 KiB
Three sample instruments (RARred WAVs + XSI) 6584 KiB (6.5 MiB)
XoftSynth sources (RARred CPP) 18 KiB

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