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Game status

Game created 2007
Game last touched 2007
Status Stalled, working


Give a programmer a good board game and he'll spend the next few feeks trying to implement it as a program :)

A friend forced this board game (Wooly Bully in English) on me, saying "hey, you have to try this game!" And she was right, it's so good that we cannot stop playing anymore. When introduced at our regular pancake parties, it was an instant success. There was one game set for four players, and twenty eager players wanting to play. Of course that led to the program being planned to simulate the game for human players and perhaps add a computer player later.

The game is made as a client / server, allowing network gameplay over the internet.


The game is played by two to four players. Each turn comprises of a player playing a card from their hand to the "gameworld", so that the card's edges "fit" to existing neighbors. The player then replenishes their hand by as many cards, as the newly added card has neighbors.

Each player is assigned (a secret) herd color. The objective of the game for each player is to create a largest herd of their color. The herd has to be closed, though, which is what makes the gameplay interesting.

There are 4 colors of sheep, a village and a forrest, making 6 possible "colors" on the cards. The cards seem to use all combinations of the 6 colors, except for any village-forrest combination. All cards are double-sided, making decisions in card placement more difficult. There are also 9 special cards: 4 wolves, each with a 4-herd of one color on its backside, 4 hunters, also with 4-herds, and a double village center square, which is the starting tile for the game.

For the full gameplay rules, see http://www.funagain.com/control/product/~product_id=014291 (although I disagree with some statements there and the rules are a bit different in my box version)


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