Here's the main section if you come here for the programs. As mentioned earlier, all the programs here are free for any use. Note however, that several libraries used may have restrictions - mostly GPL or LGPL. I mostly try to stay away from external libraries dependency, I like reinventing the smaller wheels, but not the big ones :)

These programs shouldn't require any runtime DLLs to run and they should be compatible with all versions of MS Windows from 95 to Win7. However, I haven't tried, so if you find out something doesn't work, drop me a message.

Some of the programs are still in development. There isn't enough time for them all, so I just pick whatever comes to taste to work on at the moment. Status of each program is indicated on its page. The status is one of the following:

Active Program is currently being developed, modified or otherwise maintained.
Stalled Program is not finished, but development has ceased, either due to lack of interest or because the program is considered "functional enough" for my purposes.
Finished I consider the program to be done, i'm not planning on any more modifications. Note that "done" is more like "functional enough" than "complete" :)
Planning There is no actual program, or very little base implementation; mostly ideas are summed for future

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