IFS Screensaver

Program status

Program created 2002
Program last touched 2003
Status Finished


This screensaver has had many people mesmerised. A simple principle - morphing dot IFS fractals - has created a wonderful experience for watching. Here's a small scale preview of two morphing IFSs, the Dragon and the Fern:

IFS preview

Now anyone can enjoy these animations, just download the screensaver and off you go.


Installation is a bit trickier than with your ordinary programs. Since there is no super-duper-flashy installer, you need to do everything by hand:

  • Download the IFS compiled screensaver
  • Unpack the rar with a decompressor of your choice. (WinRAR)
  • ss_ifs.scr and ss_ifs.ini should go into the C:\Windows\System32 folder (or wherever your system directory is, it may be WinNT or System for some older systems - 9x NT, 2k)
  • Set the screensaver up in the Dekstop Properties Control panel

The file ss_ifs.ini contains fractal definitions. You may add more right to this file easily with a text editor. The first line is the starting number of points. Then IFS fractal definitions follow. Each definition starts with a number of equations on a line, then so many lines filled with equation definitions - 6 coeffs and one probability. The four numbers following the definitions are the viewport boundaries.


IFS compiled screensaver and fractals (RARred SCR and INI) 31 KiB
IFS compiled screensaver (SCR) 33 KiB
IFS fractal definitions (INI) 4 KiB
IFS Screensaver sources (RARred CPP) 9 KiB

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