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Program created June 2007
Program last touched March 2008
Status Finished


A simple utility for scheduled backup. It scans for changes in specified source folder and if a change is found, a backup is created. RAR can be used (automatically invoked by Backup) to compress the backup to a single file.

It is perfectly suited for automated personal backup using Windows Task Scheduler. Simply enter the path to the program and its arguments in the Task properties, set the backup frequency and it's all done.

Quick documentation

List of command-line switches:

Switch Meaning Default
-s DIR Sets the source dir (compulsory)
-d DIR Sets the destination dir (compulsory)
-i MASK Sets the include mask *.*
-e MASK Sets the exclude mask (no files excluded)
-a Suffix the destination dir with date YYYY_MM_DD (no parameter expected)
-m Suffix the destination dir with time HH_MM_SS (if used with -a, uses {date}_{time} format) (no parameter expected)
-r Feed filelist to RAR instead of copying (-a recommended) (no parameter expected)

Typical usage:

Backup.exe -s c:\path\to\backup\ -d l:\backup -a -m -r -e *.~*;Debug\;Release\


Backup compiled application (EXE) 57 KiB
Backup sources (RARred PAS) 5 KiB

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