Program status

Program created October 2007
Program last touched October 2009
Status Active development
Current version 0.3.16 (2009_10_01)


Not actually a game, rather this is an editor extension to a great game, Knytt Stories, by Nifflas . The original editor, in my opinion, lacks a few crucial features, so why not try and improve it? And since I'm not into MMF apps, I started from scratch in Delphi.

At first, this program was created to look for "wallswims," situations in the game where the character would end up inside a wall by walking from one screen to another. A very crude algorithm has been cooked up and serves its purpose quite well since. Several other features have been added consequently, such as multi-room duplication, powerup and key search etc. In version 0.3 editing the tile and object layers is finally possible. In the finale I'd like this program to fully replace the current KS editor, though time for such an act is yet very far ahead.

So what is this new MAP file?

If the program fails, it generates an error report. This supporting file enables a higher-quality report direct with linenumbers and function names. It basically contains information about how the program was compiled, what code was what line in the source; and the program itself can read it when debugging.

For normal usage, this file is not needed. However, if the program crashes, there is only little information that can be salvaged from the log so there's smaller chance of fixing the bug than with the MAP file.


Current version
KSLC compiled application (RARred EXE) 306 KiB Version 0.3.16
Debugging support file (RARred MAP) 228 KiB Version 0.3.16
KSLC sources (RARred PAS) 51 KiB Version 0.3.16
Older versions
KSLC compiled application (RARred EXE) 306 KiB Version 0.3.15
Debugging support file (RARred MAP) 228 KiB Version 0.3.15
KSLC sources (RARred PAS) 51 KiB Version 0.3.15
KSLC compiled application (RARred EXE) 304 KiB Version 0.3.14
Debugging support file (RARred MAP) 228 KiB Version 0.3.14
KSLC compiled application (RARred EXE) 261 KiB Version 0.2.12
Support DLLs
ZLIB1.DLL (ZIPped DLL) 33 KiB Unpack this file to EXE directory if Your system doesn't provide ZLIB already.


0.3.15 2009 / 09 / 28 ! udlgDuplicateRooms: fix exception on invalid input, use Val() instead
+ RoomDuplicator: add option whether to adjust or not shifts / warps in the copied rooms
! TfrmMain: when copying selection from large to small map or vice versa, avoid recursion (caused crash after selecting rooms)
! RoomDuplicator: selection-only duplication took room params from a wrong room
0.3.14 2009 / 01 / 19 + Set level start
+ Test level in KS
+ JCL debugging support (with MAP release)
+ Log in tab instead of a window
+ Insertion-rect highlight
+ XP / Vista skin compatibility
+ middle-click to Solo a layer
0.3.13 2009 / 01 / 15 + Initial editor release:
  + integrated several components into main window
  + tile and object insertion
  + multi-tile insertion (selection in the Tileset view)
+ several minor tweaks and improvements
0.2.12 2009 / 01 / 12 + Layer visibility chooser
+ Passability overlay layer
+ Per-layer switchable visibility
+ Complete display routines rewrite (now whole objects are drawn)
0.2.11 2009 / 01 / 04 + Installed levels selection (easier File-Open)
+ Shift navigation: All shifts, Shifts to here, Follow shift in rclk menu
! MRU file list bugfix (item overwriting)
0.2.10 2008 / 06 / 17 ! Palletized PNGs can be loaded and viewed
! Settings are saved properly (room params and log window positions were missing)
+ Web version check, Webstats
0.2.9 2007 / 12 + Room params view
+ View powerups list doubleclick

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