Program status

Program created 2002
Program last touched 2003
Status Finished


Ever hacked a sattelite? Me neither. But I wished I did. So I could look down at planet earth and see how it looks from high above. Now we can do that with Google Earth, but back then there were only some minor web pages with local coverage. I managed to download all the data from one of them and needed a program to display a 1M x 1M pixel picture. And since it was a Sattelite image, a nice name of SatHack has been conjured.

I still use this program nowadays 'cause the data is slightly better than what you can get for my area in Google Earth. However, no new development has been involved other than a (failed) trial to implement a GPS tracking.

The data files used are too large to put on a web (for my friends: I can burn it on a CD), but I've included a smaller dataset, CzechSat, which covers about 1/4 of Czech Republic with satelite-quality images.


SatHack compiled application (EXE) 36 KiB
SatHack sources (RARred CPP) 43 KiB
CzechSat image set (RARred JPEGs + sht) 19572 KiB (19.5 MiB!)

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