Game status

Game created 2002
Game last touched 2002
Status Finished, ashamed


This is what happens when you get programming classes at school with a compulsory program to make in order to pass. Bad specification, bad interface, bad implementation.

The game of Pylos is a quite well-known board game, featuring a board (of course) and 30 balls, 15 for each player. The players take turns in placing the balls on the board, finally forming a pyramid. The player who puts their ball on the top of the pyramid loses the game. So far it would have been a very uniform very boring gameplay. But there are some twist that make it possible to save a ball or two: If a player forms a "square" of 4 balls at one level, they may take up to 2 of their balls back (thus saving up to 2 balls). And a player is allowed, instead of a normal turn, to take a ball from a lower level and put it to a higher level, provided that it "holds there", i. e. there are four balls beneath it (thus saving 1 ball)


The game is currently unavailable.

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