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Program created August 2010
Program last touched 17th August 2010
Status Stalled, working


Rozcestnik is a program for managing a browser initial page (Home page). The program helps managing a collection of links and forms that are to be present in the home page.

The program assumes a basic structure of the page to be hierarchical in 3 levels: columns, groups, items. Items can be either links or directly internet forms for simple acces to search functions, site login etc.The homepage is then generated accordingly, such as in the following screenshot from the browser:

In addition to generating the file, Rozcestnik can also read back the HTML file it generated and make modifications. This comes in handy you already have such a homepage made by hand.

Files needed by Rozcestnik are placed in the Documents folder for the user. The HTML output is named Rozcestnik.html, so you should point your web browser to that file as the homepage. The project data itself is stored in a Rozcestnik.rozc file. If the project data file doesn't exist upon Rozcestnik startup, Rozcestnik will try to parse Rozcestnik.html file. If that fails, a default project will be created.

Screenshotted guide

The main window shows a hierarchy of columns, groups and in them, individual items. The tree on the left side works as a selector for these items. Select any tree node to display and edit its properties in the rest of the window.

The link item editor allows to set the link's caption and address. Multiple links per item are possible using the Secondary links list. In such a case, the items are separated by Divider text. Popup, if filled, specifies HTML code for a popup that is displayed when mose is hovered over the item, such as in the following example screenshot:

Forms have a bit more complicated editor, since more data is needed to construct them. Most of the items are direct representations of HTML elements used to create a form. Name is for displaying purposes only. URL points to the action URL of the form. Method specifies the HTTP method used for sending form data. Form fields can be either input or select. Buttons as such are not supported, since those would be useless in a webform. If required by the target webpage, button values can be faked using an Input field. For Select fields options can be added into the Field options list. For those, Name is the string displayed in the browser and Value is the data actually sent to the server.

Use the menu to generate the final webpage or preview the page before final generation.


Current version
Rozcestnik application 180 KiB Version
Rozcestnik source code files (RARred CPP) 65 KiB Version

Planned future features

Features planned into future versions:

  • Drag'n'Drop placement for items in the tree
  • Natural editor - almost-WYSIWYG view of items in group in columns, with Drag'n'Drop
  • Integration into browser - "Add current page", "Add a form from current page" etc.
  • Installer
  • Network sync for project files


Version 2010_08_17 Initial web release
Basic tree view with per-item editation pane

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